Sunday, 26 October 2014

Hello Internet

Last week on 15th of October marked exactly a year after I left abruptly, deleted all the social networking sites I had from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to my precious and dearly nurtured blog that grew along with me throughout my late teenage years up till my early adulthood. I left for so many reasons which I could not quite explain because after all I feel like today those details no longer matter.

I am both excited and nervous upon this; coming back blogging and able to express myself in writing again. It has been a year, and too many ups and downs were not properly documented like it used to be. My blog is my personal space, my non-judgmental self monologue, my emotional shelter, and practically my diary of how I go about crisis, over-excitement on little things, and probably my only room that I am free to profess my liberty and exhibit my leeway.

Despite excitement, I am also clueless on how to start over. What should I write? Where do I begin? Trust me, my initial plan was not a year break of silence. I pretty much prolonged this debut waiting for the perfect moment that never appeared. I think I have enough, and for god sake it is nearly end of the year. I need to surpass my procrastinator self once and for all. The constant predicament of my creative and perfectionist nature needed a big full stop if I want to be ahead of my dreams and hence, start back blogging to explore the option I have; if blogging could open a door that I never imagined.

Guided with almost none expectation yet, and the true light of passion, I am taking this small steps recollecting my strength and trying to assemble my faith hoping that I could change my life, or anybody's life in fact, through blogging. I don't know where this would lead me for my second trial of blogging, but I am certain it will make at least a difference in my life. Wish me luck with this, as I need it, so bad.