Sunday, 4 January 2015

Let it be

The same old position before bed, trying to shut my eyes when my mind wanders like it always does when I'm trying to sleep. Admit it, it is nice to have someone wishing you a good night sleep and it does make you sleep better.

Mindlessly going through my iPhone when I know exactly; this empty wish will soon disappear into the thin air. I have no good night wish from anyone.

Let it be.

I don't know why I am so scared of being lonely. I think it is getting pretty tough when I am an adult. Is love all I want to earn, or the idea of love that I crave? Or, in this case; I only want the good night wish before bed so I could sleep better.

When I like you, these good night wishes, night after night, same old same old; they mean the world to me. Every single night, you are becoming the last thing on my mind before I sleep, before I go to bed. Like a drug, it soothes my emotion as if I've just swallow a whole bottle of sleeping pills.

It's crazy how we become so dependent on someone. Like this person takes away the most important part of our body and make our soul restless since then. Your soul functionally addicted to this person, and you are becoming needy, and slowly depleted.

You my dear friend have lost your common sense.


  1. this is what people called mid-20's crisis.. :)

  2. Why is it so hard to let go those dat we couldn't have?
    Can u tell me how? :(

  3. Feeling needy - Constantly in need of another person's attention and affection - is not a good feeling. Nor is the feeling of being dependent on another person - who, like ourselves, are humans and thus imperfect beings - they'll let us down eventually.

  4. The feeling of needy you feel is actually a miracle from Alah because it is so priceless and precious to someone who needs it the most since no has has ever felt before. The pure one is entitled to someone with a pure and gold heart. Be strong and I love your inspirational stories with arwah. Never been so emotional, you both make me shivering of what things I have done, feeling I was nothing good as His servant. That propels me to be aware and knock my sensibility to whom I lived for