Wednesday, 21 September 2016

218 days

The last time I wrote was last year approximately in early January, whining about single life. Things changed since then. It is amazing how a year could make such a different that I no longer the same person I was.

I miss writing, accentuating my true emotions into a melodious form of words and sentences.

Where do I begin?

I have so much to catch up with the Internet and I have a lot on my plate that I don’t know which one to spread first. Let me start with the crucial part of the story with the fact that I am now a married man. I've found the love of my life and immensely in love with her beyond word I could tell.

I do not wish to jump to this part straight away and make it such an anticlimax to anyone, but I need to be honest with my anecdote.

The love of my life besides being my girl, she is also a stage four cancer fighter.

Typing this out is so much easier than having to explain the real deal about my story to anyone. People be (they still do) asking me so many questions when I decided to end my single-hood with a stage four cancer patient as if I was not thinking for myself. Excluded family members, questions coming from mostly friends and acquaintances surpassed stupidity. 

Of course, I learned that I did not have to entertain to almost anyone’s bombardments, and they did not have to validate my choice, but about all I could feel that hurts me the most was; it hurts my wife. 

Everyone deserves to be happy, to live, and that include a cancer patient; my wife. Her illness does not define her and her self-worth. She deserves to be happy as much as anyone, even when it means falling in love at the risk of an uncertain ending in her love story.

I see my wife beyond that, beyond her pain and illness. She is attractive with her undying spirit to live and she is beautiful with her amazing soul. I feel her raw emotions when she speaks goodness of others – of how her eyes light up with pure sincerity when she tells me tales about her life and people that matter. I feel her genuine warmth with the way she describes her life goals – she is the prettiest among any girls I’ve known of. I would marry her, for her characters, for her soul – I thought.

The day I married her was the day I begin my relationship, and that was only a beginning.